End-to-End Product, Sales, and Technical Training

Remote Counsel is only as successful as our court reporter partners are; so we invest heavily in our training programs. By offering comprehensive training in convenient ways (and with special incentives!), we help our partners understand how to market, sell, schedule, and deliver the Remote Counsel services clients are requesting.

The Most Comprehensive Training

Our training courses cover four key areas to ensure everyone in your organization gets the exact training they need:

  • Remote Counsel Product Overview
  • Marketing and Selling Remote Counsel Services
  • Scheduling and Managing Remote Counsel Events
  • Best Practices for Setting Up and Supporting Remote Counsel Events

Convenient and Ongoing

Remote Counsel training courses are available over the web (live and on demand) and in person at your offices


We are dedicated to delivering top-notch training because we believe it will make our partnership with you more effective. We want you to be as excited as we are, so we include incentives for you and your team to complete our training programs.


Logging into a live streamed event?

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