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    Remote Counsel is the only universal platform for remotely and securely participating in depositions. Participate by video or audio conference. Stream video and text. Annotate, chat, and more. Ask your court reporter for Remote Counsel at your next deposition!

Video Streaming and Video Conferencing

View or Participate from any device, including computers, phones, tablets, and even video conferencing end points. Our platform is fully encrypted, and completely secure.


Follow along in detail with Remote Realtime, while working directly in your web browser using search and annotation. Compatible with all software, output to any text viewer software live, such as LiveNote, Summation, or Trial Director.


Securely group and private chat with anyone on your trial team, including experts and consultants.


Show exhibits during the deposition in real-time, without having to upload them. Annotate them to highlight the area you are speaking about.


Have multiple depositions per case? Manage all your depositions in one place, with one login, without worrying about cumbersome links and access keys.


Our platform is backed with premier support and top tier customer service by trained technicians available all day, when you need them.


Self-service scheduling available 24/7, or call our concierge scheduling team to schedule and coordinate your events for you, including end user testing and event day monitoring.

Case Management

Manage all deposition for you case in one place. Monitor all your depositions remotely, and get notification when the court reporter connects and disconnects.

Usage Logs

Our usage logs show everyone that connected, including the court reporter, and are available any time 24/7, during the event or days after.

Easy Setup

Court Reporters can stream from any CAT Software. We are even built into the most popular CAT software, CaseCatalyst, for a two click setup.

For video, connect from a laptop, or any windows media compatible encoder, such as a vbrick.

Logging into a live streamed event?

To access live streams with your access key, sign in to your Remote Counsel account to continue.

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