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Depositions have changed.

Back when all the participants were in one room, managing the technology was...manageable. But today attorneys are demanding remote participation , and your task is much more challenging.

That’s where Remote Counsel comes in. We give you the platform, services, and support you need to manage your deposition services the right way, and all in one place.

With Remote Counsel , your clients can participate by video from any device. They can chat with other team members, and even view and annotate streaming text.

With Remote Counsel’s universal technology and expert support team, you can spend your time with your client, not with their IT staff, and delight more customers, all in one platform, with one log in, one user interface, and one team to count on for help.

Trust your depositions to a powerful, all-in-one platform. Tens of thousands attorneys across the nation can’t be wrong!

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