Responsive, Diligent, Helpful Support

Technology is only part of a solution; you need a team behind you to ensure best-in-class delivery of the services your clients demand. The Remote Counsel team of dedicated representatives will provide you clear answers and will see your support question through to resolution in a timely manner.

Fast response time

Our support team is highly responsive because we’ve designed our entire support process and system with an eye towards the time sensitive nature of legal events.

Diligent problem solving

Remote Counsel team members are well trained on both our products and unique on problem-solving approach and we couple this with top-notch communication skills, making our support team the most highly regarded in the industry.

Helpful and patient support team

Whether scheduling an event or troubleshooting an issue, our team strives to be friendly, helpful, and patient at all times. If your event is scheduled for an odd hour just ask we’ll be sure to make ourselves available.


Logging into a live streamed event?

To access live streams with your access key, sign in to your Remote Counsel account to continue.

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